What makes Olympic equipment unique?

Electrical: Every lift table power pack comes complete with a panel box and control. The electrical is CSA and UL approved and carries the label with the CSA/UL registration number. Various voltages, phases and/or hertz are available.

Mechanical: All welding is CWB certified. Pivot points come complete with hardened chromed pins and self- lubricating bushings. This reduces maintenance time on Olympic lift tables. For high frequency lifts, spherical bearings with grease fittings are used.

Hydraulic Components: All hydraulic components used are high quality and available off the shelf. Oil used is I.S.O. VG 32 with low temperature qualities. Circuit includes velocity fuses at ports of cylinders and a relief valve for protection.

Air Bag Lift Tables: All air bags come complete with relief valves at the port of the actuators. Hosing used is hydraulic quality rubber coated with wire braid for additional safety, reliability and extended life.

What should I know in order to determine the most suitable Lift?

Decks: Available in a variety of sizes, with smooth or checker plate tops. The top should be sized to properly and safely support the total load to be handled. Take care to specify if there is a special type of bottom on the load and if it is a rolling load such as hand trucks, pallet trucks or powered equipment.

Capacity: Should be the total load handled, including operators, wheeled equipment and container weight.

Lowered Height: The desired height required for the operation of the equipment in the application it is intended for. The minimum lowered height available will be determined by the capacity, size and length of scissors chosen.

Raised Height: The desired height required to satisfy the application. The maximum raised height will be determined by the travel available from the length of scissors chosen. For higher lifts with short platforms it is possible to use double scissors units and in certain applications a triple scissors.

Power Packs: The source of power and are sized according to the capacity and speed of lift required. They are available in single phase and three phase units. Three phase offers the larger sizes for faster lift speeds and larger capacities. In hazardous areas air motors are used. Always check power requirements and voltage available.

Controls: The means to operate the lift. Choose the control (i.e. push button, foot switch) that best meets the description of operation. If the equipment is to interface with other machinery it will be necessary to convey the control logic.

Portable Units: Made with wheels underneath or mounted on the outside of the frame. Wheels also increase the lowered height slightly and a floor lock may also be necessary.

Safety Options: Aavailable in the form of electrically operated toe guards or safety curtains. In most cases it will be necessary to increase the deck size to accommodate the hardware of the safety device. Velocity fuses are standard in Olympic cylinders which prevents lifts from failing if a hydraulic line is severed.

General Information: Any additional operation information will help Olympic assess any additional options that may be required. Always note a description of operation (how it is suppose to work) and if possible, make a small sketch to illustrate how it should look.

Can I customize a standard Olympic unit?

Yes, all Olympic branded equipment comes custom as standard, meaning we build according to your requirements and at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. For a complete list of custom options, please contact us direct.

Where does my finished Olympic product ship from?

Olympic equipment F.O.B. point is: Toronto, ON, Canada. Please refer to shipping weights under the detailed specifications charts in order to determine freight charges or contact Olympic direct for a freight quote.

Can my product be serviced after-sale?

Yes, all Olympic equipment is designed and made to be serviced after-market. Please ensure that a trained professional or Olympic approved technician performs servicing.



For all other inquiries, please contact Olympic direct.